VC FinTech Accelerator sponsors support the financial technology specific entrepreneurial initiatives of The Venture Center, leading to technology acceleration in the financial technology industry. In addition to helping plant the seeds of innovation, advancing entrepreneurs, and growing the local startup ecosystem - VC FinTech sponsors receive recognition throughout the year during routine events, on our website and through social media. During the course of the Accelerator program, sponsors receive recognition at our public kick-off event and demo day - which are attended by hundreds of business owners, investors, executives and city/state officials. Sponsors are also invited to participate in the program and get a first look at our early-stage innovation.

In just the first 24 months, The Venture Center has directly contributed to the economic development of Central Arkansas by helping create over 150 jobs, working with over 100 startups, and assisting in capital raises totaling nearly $7-million. Our network of entrepreneurial and functional-area experts has created a powerful startup ecosystem - the first of its kind in Central Arkansas.  To learn more about how The Venture Center is impacting the region, visit www.VentureCenter.co

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