Brian Bauer

Program Manager, VC FinTech Accelerator

Brian is the Program Manager for for The VC FinTech Accelerator at The Venture Center. He scouts candidate companies, plans program elements, and develops strategic relationships for VC FinTech. 

Brian has over a decade’s worth of experience in project and operational planning and management. He left the Navy following an 11-year career in a high-tempo environment as an operations manager and helicopter crewman in the most decorated Naval aviation unit since Vietnam. As an operations manager, he helped plan and coordinate a $25-million combat aviation program that safely executed 3,900 flight hours annually with a fleet of 12 helicopters. As a helicopter crewman, his primary role was directly supporting special operations at home and abroad. He co-authored and instituted the curriculum for the Navy’s helicopter aircrews to train for and execute high-risk missions.