VC FinTech Accelerator

2017 Portfolio Companies

VC FinTech Accelerator

2016 Portfolio Companies


Weekly Overview

Week One: VC FinTech Launch

During the first week of the Accelerator, the portfolio company founders arrived in Little Rock and met privately with FIS CEO, Gary Norcross. The meeting with Mr. Norcross was followed by a press conference and welcome mixer at the Venture Center. Gary Norcross, CEO of FIS; Lt. Governor Tim Griffin; Mayor Mark Stodola as well as business and community leaders welcomed the founders to Little Rock. The mixer was followed with by an exclusive Founder's Dinner sponsored by the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce at the prestigious Capitol Hotel in downtown Little Rock. A special surprise meeting with former President Bill Clinton  the weekend before the Accelerator kickoff added to the stellar first week.

Week Two: A Focus on Finance

This week, the founders got down to business with presentations from local business leaders and entrepreneurs. Thursday evening, the founders gathered for a special Founder's Dinner at local favorite Lost 40 Brewing.

Week Three: All About Connections

Founders connected to industry experts from FIS as well as former employees from predecessor Systematics at an authentic Southern shrimp boil Founder's Dinner at the home of Venture Center mentor, Alese Stroud and her husband, Doug. On Friday, the founders journeyed to Northwest Arkansas for a private meeting with regional investors. The founders also spent time with Doug McMillon, the CEO of Wal-Mart.

Week Four: Key Industry Connections

Week four was focused on revenue and business building. The Founders met with Lynn Roche, Executive Vice President of Retail Banking and Wealth Management at FIS. They also met with officials from the Bank of England (Arkansas), Centennial Bank, and IBERIABANK.

Week Five: Selling to Financial Institutions

Week five was comprised of meetings with several key FIS executives, including Tere Brun (EVP - Community Banking and Product Management), Peter Connors (General Manager, FIS), John Gordon (EVP - Large Financial Institutions), Zeynep Fredrick (EVP - North America Lending), and Mike Whitacre (SVP - Global Financial Institutions). The founders also had meetings with local business experts like Shelly Loftin, CMO of Bear State Bank; Rush Harding of Crews & Associates; as well as Larry Middleton and Brad Eichler of Stephens, Inc. The week was punctuated by an exclusive Founders' Dinner hosted executives of Bear State Bank at Table 28.

Week Six: Marketing and Payments

Week six is the half-way point. The founders focused on marketing, and gained key insights into the global, digital and mobile payments markets via meetings with key FIS executives including Mike Florax (VP - Direct Banking), Serena Smith (Head of International Payments), and Doug Brown (SVP - Mobile). It wasn't all work and no play for the VC FinTech founders. They concluded the week with a lake day and casual Founders' Dinner hosted by VC FinTech executive Collins Andrews and his wife at their home on Lake Hamilton.

Week Seven: A Focus on Regulation

Week seven was punctuated by a visit from Rep. French Hill (AR) who visited with the founders about regulations, public policy. In addition, he shared his insight and expertise from his experience as a businessman. The rest of the week focused on key meetings with executive teams from Simmons Bank and Arvest Bank. The week wrapped up with a visit from Mike Sharkey, CTO of Signature Bank in NYC and Scott Ford of Westrock Coffee and Westrock Asset Management Group.

Week Eight: Sales, Sales, Sales

Week eight was the point where the founders really began to pour "fuel on the flames" as they accelerate the business success. Following the 4th of July holiday, the founders went to the Capitol Tuesday morning for a private roundtable discussion with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. On Wednesday, Gary Norcross--the CEO of the FIS--returned to Little Rock for a follow up meeting with the founders. He then spent nearly three hours doing one-on-one meetings with each of the founders. The week wrapped with private tour of the Presidential residence atop the Clinton Center and a tour of the Library and Museum. This was followed by a casual Founders' dinner at Dizzy's hosted by the AEDC.