Early Stage Funding for FinTechs

Are you doing something big in FinTech? Considering an accelerator to catapult your biz to the next level? Looking to lead a successful capital raise? 

The VC FinTech Accelerator, powered by FIS, is the place for you. Our program provides all the things you would expect -- seed capital, mentors, and industry contracts. But that's just the beginning!

Leveraging our collaboration with FIS -- a global, $9B financial technology services juggernaut -- is a competitive advantage you won't get with any other FinTech accelerator. 

We are the ONLY program with an open door to the executive suite of the global fintech leader and access to the world's largest banks.  

Capital is great, but the network makes the difference!  The VC FinTech Accelerator in Little Rock offers daily/weekly access to FIS subject matter experts and senior executives as well as using their influence to tap 20,000 global banking customers across 130 countries. FIS also provides financial service to several global retailers as well as 75% of US-based credit unions. 

Our 12-week program kicks off May 16. Accepted companies will remain in Little Rock for the duration of the program, which culminates with a Demo Day on August 3rd. One team may also receive a chance to showcase their solution to the FIS Global Client Conference in Rome, which is attended by decision makers from many of the world's largest banks. 



Gain access to the world's top financial technology company and learn secrets to selling your solution to a global market. Leverage FIS' expertise in the FinTech space.


Intense. Aggressive. Focused. The VC FinTech Accelerator is a rigorous program designed to accelerate the growth of companies in the financial technology space. 

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Portfolio companies will receive a $50,000 initial investment and may be eligible for $100,000-300,000 additional investment.


The Birthplace of Leading FinTech Innovators

As the birthplace of early FinTech innovators like Systematics, Arkansas Systems, ABC Financial, Stephens, Inc., Mainstream Technologies, and Acxiom --and now home of the only FinTech Accelerator powered by FIS, a global financial services leader serving more than 20,000 clients in over 130 countries -- Central Arkansas is the place to be if you are building a FinTech startup.


A History of FinTech Innovation


Stake your claim and make your place in the rich history of FinTech innovation right here in Central Arkansas. 

The impact of early FinTech innovators like Systematics, Arkansas Systems, ABC Financial, Stephens Inc., Mainstream Technologies, and Acxiom has touched nearly every person on the globe in one way or another. 

Your company can be next. Leverage the knowledge and expertise that made these companies great as you realize your vision. We are here to support you on your journey toward success.